Reveal the science on "how it works" with the DynamadermPLUS Technologies

Our retinol product stands out from the rest due to its unique underlying technology, featuring an innovative solid dispersion process and thermal fusion. Unlike traditional emulsions, our technology breaks down retinol molecules, optimizing their size for enhanced absorption.
Our solid dispersion technique results in smallest sized molecules. To put it into perspective, that's only three times larger than a DNA strand. Thanks to this minute size, our product easily penetrates the skin's epidermis and even migrates into the dermis, enhancing its permeability and effectiveness.
Here's where our product's magic really shines. Our technology, R3A, is a reverse thermal hydrogel. When applied to the skin, it remains in its liquid form until it reaches body temperature (98.6°F/37°C). At that point, it transforms into a solid gel, providing a topical filler effect without the need for needles.
As our hydrogel enters the epidermis in matrix form, it establishes a connection with long-chain polysaccharides, specifically glycosaminoglycans, found in the dermis. This interaction triggers hyperhydration, allowing our product to hold water within the skin. The result? Dramatic plumping, effectively reducing deep lines and wrinkles within just 20 days of use.

The secret to delivering a topical filler

The Company's core excipient is a reverse thermal hydrogel that is extremely hygroscopic (ability to attract and hold water / absorption), the DYNAMADERMPLUS serum turns into a water loving "gel" once it penetrates the epidermis (skin).

At room temperature, the serum acts like water, but at body temperature it turns into a gel creating a topical filler.

When combined, these properties form a colloidal hydrogel matrix (a special type of mixture where tiny particles of one substance are scattered through another substance).

Glycosaminoglycans are the water loving long linear polysaccharides ( responsible for the skin's natural ability to hydrate and retain water.

They are also critical for skin repair and skin renewal), that are part of the extracellular matrix of collagen.

This mix of ingredients produces the perfect storm for extreme hydration, which in turn causes a plumping effect to the skin and smooths out deep wrinkles.

ThermoFusion Technology

DYNAMAPLUS is built on the Company's Patent Pending ThermoFusion technology

Many skin care consumers are not receiving the full potency and efficacy of the products being purchased due to poor ingredient solubility and permeability.

However, with DYNAMADERMPLUS ThermoFusion technology, it delivers active ingredients with greater solubility and permeability, providing the full benefits of the product.

ThermoFusion is a process that makes the product’s benefits possible coupled with a unique active ingredient delivery method.

The active ingredient delivery system uses a solid-to-liquid approach, which has been shown to produce superior results when compared to the more commonly used liquid-to-liquid method, also known as emulsions.

It's all about the Science

Dramatic Plumping effect within 20 days

Powered by Thermal Fusion, our product shows the appearance of skin hyperhydration, delivering a plumping effect that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles